Third Culture Coffee

Our Mission

Third Culture Coffee stands at the forefront of a movement, passionately rebelling against the grips of the capitalist coffee industry. We challenge the status quo by advocating for a coffee culture that values people over profits. Through our container cafes and commitment to specialty coffee, we are dismantling the barriers that have confined coffee to an elitist realm. Our mission is to empower every individual to savor the richness of high-quality coffee without the burden of exorbitant costs. With each cup, we forge a new path, where flavor and community take precedence over corporate agendas. Join us in this rebellion for a more inclusive, flavorful, and equitable coffee experience.

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About us

Coffee Is old as time. A miraculous tonic that came out of Yemen centuries ago, which at first was enjoyed primarily by Monarchs and Sultans, and their courtiers. Fortunately for us, an audacious Derwish name Baba Budhan smuggled (or rescued) the tightly guarded and much coveted coffee bean out of Yemen to the outside world earning the infinite gratitude of every coffee drinker since.


In the modern age, coffee culture can be divided into three stages. First wave coffee (instant coffee which is sin), Second wave coffee (Starbucks type espresso-based drinks made with generic mass procured coffee beans. Essentially, fancy on the outside but basic on the inside) and finally third wave coffee.

Third wave coffee is grown in specific regions by artisanal farmers, selectively procured, masterfully roasted and expertly prepared. It’s not easy! If it was, everybody would have been doing it. That is why we three friends formed Third Culture Coffee, like the ‘Monk of Mockha’s daring dash centuries ago, to bring the most perfectly crafted coffee from our shop to your cup.

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We currently accept online bank deposit and cash on delivery.

How long does it take for my order to process and ship? 

It can take up to 48 hours to get your order out the door. We know what a difference fresh makes. We also know that coffee orders can often be rather urgent. We have set up a system to get the freshest coffee shipped to our customers as soon as possible. Usually our processing time is 24 hours or less, but this may vary based on shipping schedules and roasting schedules.

If you order online, we’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped. If it’s been 48 hours and you still haven’t heard from us, please let us know.

Do you ship orders internationally? Not currently, however we intend to in the near future.


Can I return coffee products?  

We really want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any issues with your coffee, or if there are errors in your order, please contact us here within seven days of receiving your order. We’re happy to help you find something you’ll love.

Do you have light, medium, and dark roast options? 

Our coffees are generally considered a ‘medium’ roast. The whole truth is that we source really high quality coffees and roast each coffee just enough to bring out the best of what’s inherent in those particular beans. Typically, our blends are more medium roast and our single origin coffees are on the lighter end of the spectrum. For those of you that love that dark, roasty flavor, we recommend the Brazilian. However, on special request we can create a custom roast for our valued customers.

Do you add any additional flavors? 

We don’t add any flavorings to our coffee. We use tasting notes on our packaging and on our website as a way for us to describe nuances in each coffee, noticing things like brightness, sweetness and body. Do not be alarmed if you can’t taste orange or clove in your cup. Flavor only matters in the context of you.

Can I get the coffee on my order pre-ground? 

Of course, we have specific pre-ground options for which ever brewing method our valued customers prefer.

Where should I store my coffee? In the freezer? On the counter? 

Store your coffee in a cool, dark place. The best way to store coffee is to put it an airtight container in a cool, dark place. We suggest that you avoid storing coffee in a fridge or freezer. Moving beans in and out of the freezer every time you make coffee can introduce moisture to the beans, resulting in potential mold growth and degradation of the coffee.

Similarly, coffee easily absorbs the flavor of things around it. Take care in choosing the container(might want to rethink reusing pickle jar), and be mindful that storing near odorous foods, spices etc, may change the flavor of the coffee.

How long does Third Culture Coffee stay fresh? 

With our new sealed bags, we can keep the beans on shelves 30 days from the roast date, and recommend that once the seal is broken, they are brewedwithin 3 weeks.

I can’t find my favorite coffee, where did it go? Like other produce, coffee is seasonal. Our coffee menu reflects the seasonality of coffee growing schedules, so you will often see coffee from specific regions only available during certain periods of the year. Worry not, we offer our Blends year-round.

Are any of the coffees Halal Certified? 

Yes they are. Our beans are processed and roasted in a facility that handles only coffee beans which do not come into contact with other food products. Additionally, we do not add flavors or additional ingredients to any of our coffees.

Can I purchase Cold Brew products online? 

We can deliver Cold Brew products! Just be sure to refrigerate them immediately.

Can I make my own Cold Brew at home? 

You can! We will share our favorite methods soon.

What coffees are used to make Third Culture Coffee Cold Brew?

 For our Cold Brew, we use Latin American coffees. We’ve found that Latin American coffees with darker chocolate and berry notes tend to work well when cold brewed.

If you want to try something a little different, Ethiopian coffees make a tea-like and fruity cold brew. It can be made on special request for a larger order of at least 12 bottles.


I’d love to serve or sell Third Culture Coffee, how can I start that process? 

Our wholesale program is geared towards independent cafes, grocery stores and restaurants. For more information please contact us, and we can help you get what you need.

I’d love to provide Third Culture Coffee at my office or institution, how can I start the process? 

What a great idea!! we are sure your colleagues would be very happy. Anything we can do to make that happen, please contact us and let us know.

Can I order bulk coffee for an event? 

Yes you can. We can custom make a beverage menu for you, and even set up a stall. For further information, please contact us.

Our Customer Support Team takes a lot of pride in the service they provide. We always appreciate customer feedback. Quality is enormously important for us, so we definitely encourage you to let us know when you’ve just had the best latte of your life or a less than stellar experience. You can contact our Customer Support Team here.

When you contact us you’ll reach a small team of friendly, coffee-loving Humans. Most likely you’ll be put in touch with one of the owners. They can give you some well-educated advice. We’ll always do our very best to make sure our customers are taken care of.